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That New Dog “Itch”

I can’t imagine what life was like before “pets.” Growing up I never had any as the allergist claimed I never could (he can KMA lol). Marrying a cat person, it was inevitable that at least cats would become part of our lives. Then there came Chulo- my first and only dog! Ten years ago, […]

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Saying good-bye to a pet

Growing up with allergies, my family and allergist decided the only pets suitable for me, were goldfish. My brother had a mouse for a short time and that was it. Twenty-one years ago, I met my husband, the hugest animal lover – EVER! Shortly after, we began our home of furry 4-legged pets. Our first […]

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Pets and Alzheimer’s

Nothing brings a smile to dad more than a warm and furry critter. Fortunately, we have 5 of them! Alzheimer’s moods change as the wind blows, and the pets always bring his smiles back. Some days I just plop a cat in his lap and he calms down and smiles away. But most days, it […]

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SPCA NOLA Puppy Party

Influx in Puppies Results in an LA/SPCA Puppy Party New Orleans (February 14, 2011) – The Louisiana SPCA (LA/SPCA) will be hosting a Puppy Party on Saturday, February 19, 2011 from 10am-2pm at the Animal Rescue and Care Center at 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd. Following an influx in dogs under 4 months of age the […]

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Puppy Week at the Perry House

I’m dog watching my sister-in-laws pup while she settles in to her new home. The only kicker is that Rhiannah, was due to have puppies. Last night I was chihuahua midwife as was up up with her while she was in labor. She was a pain in the butt and wanted a ton of attention […]

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Dog Fighting in Livington Parish

Update 3/10: Here Update: News video Update: Link to news story The letter below is from good friends of mine who lives in Livingston Parish with his wife Ann. Their sweet dog, Sadie, who my daughter and I had thrown a frisbee with just weeks before her untimely death, was found murdered in the most […]

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What’s wrong with this picture?

You all know by now that I find humor in everything! Today, I was admiring the bathroom we renovated last year and kept thinking to myself, “What is wrong with this picture?” Here is a gorgeous new bathtub, tiles, wall color, toilet and there – smack-dab in the middle of it is our new litter […]

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Critters are taking over my house

Mathematically, it is probably not good for a family when the number of 4 legged critters outnumbers the humans! It is becoming a zoo around here. Seems I keep picking up additional things I need to take care of that can’t take care of themselves! You have read similar posts in the past, but with […]

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Monday Jambalaya

* Last night we went to a farewell party for the Saint’s Special Team’s Coordinator, Coach John Bonamego. He is heading to the Dolphins this week for better opportunities. Yes, they play the Saints in pre-season and the Patriots twice next season (sorry John – we will be rooting against your new team). If you […]

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Pets & Politicians

This post is in memory of our cat Goldie April 1994 – August 2007 Goldie was “everyone’s cat” and was as close to human as a cat could be. Nobody ever stepped foot in this house without having met Goldie. She had her own seat at the dinner table, spot on the couch and can […]

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