Greta’s Top 5 Orgs. to Donate Flood Relief Money

It is so wonderful to see the best come out in people when it comes to helping others during a time of need. I’ve been asked repeatedly, “Greta, where is the best place I can send my hard earned money?” There are tons of great places to donate household goods, and I’m pretty confident they get […]

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11 Port Marigny Things to Know

Your voice needs to be heard! Once developed – it can’t be undone. 1. Port Marigny is NOT a done deal! It still must be approved by the City Council and they look like they will take their time to make sure this is done correctly. It is unlikely the current council will vote on […]

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Vote Early & Vote Often: Mandeville

The picture featured in this post, is the overhead view of a high density trailer park. I have used it before when trying to talk about the “potential” (key word here – it could be turned down by a council vote), development of Port Marigny. No matter what way you slice it – the owners […]

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Mandeville Elections: Port Marigny

One Election Issue: Quality of Life The only issue any resident of the City of Mandeville should care about when voting this election cycle, is Port Marigny. Why, you might ask? The answer is simple – this monstrous, high-density city within our city, will alter all our way of life – FOREVER! There is no […]

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Getting Ready for Mardi Gras

Decorating When Mardi Gras “Carnival Season” arrives, I’m like a little kid on Christmas Day. I can’t wait to decorate with the colors of purple, gold and green. A large part of Mardi decorating,involves things accumulated from years before. Treasured “throws,” such as a specific Krewe’s medallion beads, doubloons, King Cake babies, plush items or prized throws such […]

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Twas the Night Before Port Marigny Vote

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the city (Mandeville), The Port Marigny team was still trying to do a dog and pony show to the P&Z committee; The pretty depictions of utopia were shoved down the citizens throats, In hopes that they buy this concept, without checking the CLURO notes; The City Council were […]

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Christmas in New Orleans

New Orleans never gets tiresome, even to the locals (I’m a perpetual tourist). When the seasons change, so do the opportunities to experience something new and exciting or to revisit a time-honored family tradition. With any excuse to parade, decorate, or get in costume, Christmas is no exception. The Running of the Santas,  Krewe of Jingle parade, […]

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Tailgating at LSU

My last post was about tailgating on The Grove at Ole Miss, with my family all dressed in red and blue (saying Hotty Toddy). My oldest is a sophomore there, so we are into that SEC school for a reason. But last Saturday, I was decked out in a purple shirt, for LSU tailgating with our friends. With […]

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Ole Miss: The Grove

Since my son is in his second year at Ole Miss, Oxford has become one of my new favorite destinations. It is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful college campuses, year after year.

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Port Marigny: My Opinion (all you need to know)

Well…if you’ve read my previous blog posts or talked to me in person, you probably get the idea that I’ve become completely disenchanted with the proposed Port Marigny project in Mandeville. Even worse…I have absolutely ZERO trust, with regards to anyone on the payroll of Port Marginy (gotta go with my gut here). They are […]

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Marigny Golden

My Letter to Mandeville: Port Marigny

Dear Mandeville neighbors, politicians (in office and running), We fell in love with Mandeville, when we moved here in 2007. We recently bought our “forever home,” and I’m OK if my next stop is the St. Tammany morgue. I can be seen walking my dogs down to Sunset Point each day. You also might spot me running, […]

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Mandeville Faux Traffic Study

Port Marigny Presentation #FAIL

I wish I wore some shrimp boots to the Planning and Zoning meeting last night, because I felt like there was a lot of ***t being shoveled out to the audience. Yes, following my fact piece, regarding the Pre-Stressed Port Marigny development, I’m going to give you my candid thoughts and opinions. Honestly, the “they […]

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40 Facts: Mandeville Pre-stress Proposed Development

The intent of this blog post is not to share my opinion (that may come later), it is to list 40 current facts about Mandeville’s newest proposed development, called “Port Marigny.” As residents of West St. Tammany, we should all be informed of something of this magnitude. I’ve taken the liberty of sketching in a few […]

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