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If you click delete, will Ray Nagin go away?

I thought I already wrote about a moron this week? Oh… but that one was not a politician. NEWSFLASH “Moronic Louisiana Politician” in the news! Our own Ray Nagin and his shady computer scheme. Seems the Voodoo Queen must have done some magic on his computer as his e-mails magically disappeared. Fercryingoutloud, I just used […]

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Let the people speak

By now you all know that I am not a conspiracy theorist. However, I may be rethinking that as of lately. I do enjoy hanging out on the Mandeville forums and am starting to think something is terribly wrong. I can’t sit by and not say something anymore as it has become BLATANTLY obvious […]

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I was wondering about your thoughts on the new format/look??? As a blogger – I feel…well…like a needle in a haystack now. As a reader – I enjoy a little color on a page. I like having the weather featured and everything grouped – but I think it may be a little overwhelming as […]

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