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Memories Linger On Forever

For the past 6 months, I, along with my loving husband and 3 wonderful children, had the honor of caring for my father, Sherman Marcus on the final leg of his life journey. Alzheimer’s Disease is difficult, but we all made the best of it each and every day, spending quality time with him, smiling […]

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Hospice, Dying and Smiles

We are all going to die – how, where, why and when are the unknown we live with from day to day. Dying naturally does not have to be depressing, sad maybe (if you choose to see it that way)…but not depressing. This is why we are reminded over and over throughout our life to […]

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Alzheimer’s and Houdini Magic

This is Dad’s new addition to his face, compliments of his Houdini abilities! Alzheimer’s Disease is by far the most unpredictable thing I have ever encountered (besides my mood off my hormones LOL). I look at all the stages that have been studied and seem to have created some new classifications via Dad – Zaydeh […]

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The Zaydeh Zone

My Dad, known as Zeydeh to everyone (Jewish Grandfather for you slow kids), has happily entered in his Alzheimer’s Disease, what we now refer to as the “Zaydeh Zone.” In a previous post I wrote about his end of life “working.” The “working” post was referring to him overriding all his sleep medications and staying […]

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End of Life Alzheimer’s Work

Dad is sinking more and more into his happy world and away from us. I view Alzheimer’s Disease as a process of unlearning and unpredictable firing of the brain. As time goes on, his brain may have unlearned many of the things we take for granted, such as chewing food or putting on glasses, while […]

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Alzheimer’s: Not Quite Ready for Hospice

Not the “H” word, Hospice! Well…chillax folks, it is not necessarily a bad thing and actually something I will welcome with open arms. Oh no…you may think that positive and upbeat Greta is going to get all depressing on you. Who wants to talk about “end of life” stuff? Well…back to the book, All I […]

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Alzheimer’s: Recalling Names and Faces

From the Rolling Stones song, “Sympathy For the Devil” comes a line that always makes me think of Dad, “Pleased to meet you, Hope you guess my name.” Heeeelllllloooo has become a standard greeting at our house, because frankly, dad does not recall who he is actually looking for but wants someone’s attention. Jokingly, it […]

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Alzheimer’s: The Man in the Mirror

A couple of months ago, I noticed dad talking to himself in the mirror. Sometimes he slips into his happy little world of talking to himself and he goes on and on with conversations. I used to try and draw him out, but realized he is most happy and comforted with this state of mind. […]

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You Just Have to Laugh!

Every day with Alzheimer’s and Dad is a new adventure – a non-stop rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows – often in a short period of time. Humor is one of the best ways for my family (and I believe any caregiver in this situation) to deal with this horrible disease that makes a person […]

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Pets and Alzheimer’s

Nothing brings a smile to dad more than a warm and furry critter. Fortunately, we have 5 of them! Alzheimer’s moods change as the wind blows, and the pets always bring his smiles back. Some days I just plop a cat in his lap and he calms down and smiles away. But most days, it […]

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