OK readers…(drum roll)…here is the contest you have all been waiting for! Anyone can play! Go find the tackiest, most ridiculous &/or most useless item you can find on E-Bay (does not need to meet all requirements). Keep it PG13 por favor! Place the link (use http://tinyurl.com) to the item in the comment section and you could be a Big Weiner Winner (no actual prizes, but your name will be announced on air if you want)! You may submit as many entires as you want because you know there is a bunch of great stuff out there!

I did this contest a couple of years ago on my other blog and set the bar way too high with these tacky Grillz. But, the entries were hysterical! dscn5226.jpg

I will announce the winner on the premier of the Kiss My Gumbo radio show on Saturday from 3:00-4:00 WIST AM 690! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!

***Read KMG every day on both NOLA.com and my personal blog! Be sure to mark April 19th 3:00 on your calendar for my premier radio show on WIST AM 690!

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