Is nothing sacred anymore? Enough already! Yes, I have one and I don’t feel the need to talk about it! And for the record, it has gone through 2 births and recently had a hysterectomy. But I am still not talking about it like it is my God-given responsibility on this planet. And here I am worried about violence in my kids’ video games. Geesh – I should be teaching them to talk about their body parts for school speeches and essays. I guess I have failed as a mother. When they get home from school we are instilling new rules in our house! We now must say vagina and penis at least 10 times a day in creative sentences. And I’m starting the “vagina drinking game.” If I hear the word “vagina” on the airwaves or read it in print – I have to take a drink! Excuse me while I break open another 6 pack of Abita Strawberry beer (yum). I remember when Kathy Rigby talking about Kotex was pushing the limit with the American people. Sorry to say, but no matter how much “star power” behind the “Vagina Monologues” or how much money is donated to a worthy cause because of it – I still don’t believe the world should be hearing about it. It is sacred fercryingoutloud – and should remain that way!

The Princess of Positive has spoken with a short rant. Thanks – I feel better now!

(this post can be found at & Kiss My Gumbo)

6 Responses to “I will not discuss my vagina in public!”

  • Hey, pass me one of those Strawberry’s! They is my fav!

  • This was hilarious! I had to read it to all the ladies in the office!

  • Ya know, I’m starting to think you and I must be related somewheres down da line, cuz you sound like EVERY woman in my whole famdamily!!!!

    FeistyMsRed, Da LefthandedRedheadedStepchildWhoStillLearnedToKnitEvenThoTheySaid SheNeverWould!

  • Yep, the vagina is sacred, too. That’s why it needs to be discussed! Stop hiding it

  • MY vagina is sacred and it is all mine ( and my boyfriend’s, but mostly mine)

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