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So you were Googling for something and landed on KMG (abbreviation for this blog for those who are slow)? I have shared with you many Google searches before- and let me tell you…the world is full of strange & “interesting” people. As always, this is for fun and entertainment and hopefully to make you laugh today! And hey – you may have a few questions that were bugging you – answered. Trust me on this one – these are real – I could not make this stuff up!

Shane Warner and radio
– I know Shane isn’t in New Orleans anymore on WIST. Not sure where he is and a Google search didn’t give me that answer

Real Wives on the Bayou – I proposed a real show like this instead of a show about those selfish beeotches in Orange County and now New York. I’d much rather watch real women than fake ones. Reeeow!

See big vaginas – hmmmm….I suggest you contact Mayor Ray C. Nagin’s office for that answer. He is, after all, a vagina friendly Mayor!

Cajun Dialect – I’m still learning every day by watching The Water Boy

What is it like to be a stoner? – Can’t help you there pal, but am sure this is some thesis research…right?

WIST New Orleans – love that station!!!

kiss my- too many of these searches to even begin to tell you. Please add your own words to the end. Use your imagination on this one!

mayor of mandeville credit cards
- Well, mine was just stolen & skimmed, you think he had something to do with it?

wwl home remodel – I am in the middle of remodeling my home & can’t afford to have the kitchen done yet. WWL, please pay for my kitchen to be remodeled

wrno what happened to Jim Brown – he is enjoying life for now, taking a break from radio and writing on Bayou Buzz

how do you say happy 40th birthday in Italian?
– Beats the heck out of me. But I do know a certain blogger who will be 40 on Sunday!

how to kiss my dad – that is just sooooo wrong

mispronunciation of New Orleans words – I do that every day and do it very well. But then again, I bet you can’t pronounce words from MA.

eclectic solitary witchcraft – WTH???

house wives liberation
– I am liberated! Now go burn those bras sisters!

mardi gras boob – well I know a few boobs in public office way past Mardi Gras

kiss vagina – why would someone look for that?

stockbroker beuhler – anyone? Beuhler Beuhler Beuhler?

who is Herman Cain?
– one of my heroes

butt cream
– that would be Butt Paste – Boudreaux

101 things to do with duct tape
– I put this post up a while back and added “in Louisiana” at the end – may have to repeat that post later this week!

jumbo jim exercise – go read if you want another good clean laugh for the day

what to wear to a crawfish boil
– I learned that anything goes

where to buy Abita Beer
– any store will sell it to you – even KMart. Then be sure to buy an extra 6 pack for me and I’ll meet you and pick it up!

stoner good memory – all I remember is falling asleep – use that in your thesis buddy!

are you smoking crack meme – I swear I never touched that stuff!

can you adopt a foster kid around Montana – you can adopt a foster kid anywhere you want and trust me when I say it was the best thing I ever did!

what is Gumbo
– Since I have a cooking disability, I will refer you to some real food info

As always, you can get 2 helpings of KMG per day, which is recommended by 4 out of 5 doctors. The 5th doctor doesn’t have a sense of humor. Read it once at and then at Kiss My (which is real purrty)

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