Sometimes I think Chris Rose channels me (lol) (maybe one of these days he’ll even say hello to me). He knew I was going to write about the Hornets today or tomorrow and beat me to the punch. But hey, can there be too much of a media barrage for anything (unless your last name is Spears)? I think not.

I sent an e-mail to Matt Biggers , the VP of Marketing for the Hornets and local Mandevillian (and KMG reader) just yesterday. I asked him if I could do anything else to help promote the Hornets on my blog (don’t ask me how much traffic I get because in 1 year – I have not been given any feedback from Grrrrrr – but I love them- really I do). I know my personal blog traffic – which needs to go higher (are you hearing me NOLA?) Matt told me to keep blogging about The Hornets as everything will help. So I am doing my part! I’m telling you to go buy tickets now! You want the Hornets to leave…NOPE!!! I put my money where my mouth is and can’t wait to tell the kids we are going! What a way to finish out their school vacation!

You purchased 6 tickets to:
New Orleans Hornets Versus Memphis Grizzlies
New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
Sat, Feb 9, 2008 07:00 PM

Seat location: section 122, row 20, seats 13-8
Total Charge: US $ 198.00

Now click on the “buy tickets” in the widget below and come say hi to me at the game.

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