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Monday Jambalaya

* Last night we went to a farewell party for the Saint’s Special Team’s Coordinator, Coach John Bonamego. He is heading to the Dolphins this week for better opportunities. Yes, they play the Saints in pre-season and the Patriots twice next season (sorry John – we will be rooting against your new team). If you […]

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Louisiana Candidate for Governor Kicks Small Dog

Now that I have your attention (evil laugh inserted here)! Chad, owner of The Dead Pelican and Roger’s Rants and I share opposing views on how we would run a political campaign (I’ll let you draw your own conclusion – lol). Seriously, if I were a campaign strategist or campaign manager, I would only focus […]

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Switching Teams

Now that we are all settled into our new home in Louisiana, have embraced the culture, sold all the junk that doesn’t accommodate our new lifestyle, we have one little problem…………..we cheer for the enemy! Well, not the true enemy, but the opposing team, the teams that aren’t a favorite of Louisiana. Below is a […]

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