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St Tammany Elections

There is a lot of political poo-flinging in St. Tammany right now, but I would expect nothing less here. There also seems to be a movement to get some local incumbents out. If signs were to win elections, the incumbents would win -the streets is littered with them. But hopefully the people of St. Tammany […]

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Geaux Israel #GeauxIsrael

I have moved away from the national political public spotlight for a while, a sabbatical so to speak. Been living in a world of unicorns who poop butterflies in my happy bubble. Avoided posting national (slipped in a few local things) political stuff on my blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Quit making political videos…but I woke […]

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Mandeville Elections

VOTE VILLERE!!!!!! See my previous posts on this here and here. I could not resist sharing this little poem from the forums today (typos and all). 14670. Twas the Night Before Election by shoerack, 3/26/10 2:53 ET Twas the night before the election and all through the city all the creatures were stirring especially ole […]

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