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Getting Ready for Mardi Gras

Decorating When Mardi Gras “Carnival Season” arrives, I’m like a little kid on Christmas Day. I can’t wait to decorate with the colors of purple, gold and green. A large part of Mardi decorating,involves things accumulated from years before. Treasured “throws,” such as a specific Krewe’s medallion beads, doubloons, King Cake babies, plush items or prized throws such […]

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Christmas in New Orleans

New Orleans never gets tiresome, even to the locals (I’m a perpetual tourist). When the seasons change, so do the opportunities to experience something new and exciting or to revisit a time-honored family tradition. With any excuse to parade, decorate, or get in costume, Christmas is no exception. The Running of the Santas,  Krewe of Jingle parade, […]

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Help Solve a New Orleans Hit & Run

You may not know the family of LTC Keith Higley and Cat, and neither do I. However, through a local military connection, I was asked to help this grieving military family from out of state, gain some closure in the New Orleans hit and run death of their son, Zach Higley on July 4, 2014. The Higley […]

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Pepsi, Drew Brees and One Direction

I think every NOLA girl and Saints fan between 10 and 18 will flip over this new Pepsi commercial; featuring Drew Brees and One Direction. I may have to get the heart paddles out before I show it to my 12 yo Princess! Sorry you have to endure the short commercial first. Ad spot for […]

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New Orleans: Veterans Job Fairs

There are two job fairs coming to New Orleans for veterans looking for employment and potential employers looking to hire veterans. 1. Veterans and Military Service Members Job Fair When:Friday April 13 Time: 10-2 Place: Delgado Community College Student Life Center 615 City Park Avenue, New Orleans ***Some participating companies: Bollinger Shipyards Ic. Edison Chouets […]

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New Orleans: VA Building Homeless Center

According too this WWL article and this Republic article, The Veterans Administration is spending 6 million dollars to build a homeless center in the new VA Hospital in New Orleans. Yes, homelessness among our veterans from older and now younger generations is indeed a problem that needs to be eradicated. From The Republic: Southeast Louisiana […]

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