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Getting Ready for Mardi Gras

Decorating When Mardi Gras “Carnival Season” arrives, I’m like a little kid on Christmas Day. I can’t wait to decorate with the colors of purple, gold and green. A large part of Mardi decorating,involves things accumulated from years before. Treasured “throws,” such as a specific Krewe’s medallion beads, doubloons, King Cake babies, plush items or prized throws such […]

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Vote for Joe

Vote: Joe Merrick: The Voice Extra Rally

Vote for Joe Merrick: The Voice Extra Rally It is not every day, that Joe Merrick, the super “cool kid” from JR. high band, who you may have had a crush on or not,  gets a video audition sent to the Voice and you have a chance to vote. Ya, Joe and I go back […]

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Saving Abel Rocks the Milblog Conference

Facebook:fan page Twitter: @savingabel Website: Saving Abel Thanks to my friend Maja Stevanovich, I am new Saving Abel fan. On March 4th they livestreamed a USO concert. She works in music promotion and this is one of her bands – so of course I would tweet the event with her when she asked. Yep – […]

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We Will Remember Them

Being a long time Milblogger, I get all kinds of stuff sent to me about supporting the troops. Well…this video I received this morning, brought chills down my spine. “We Will Remember Them” is a star-powered collaborative project similar to “We Are the World.” It was recorded int he UK, so I don’t hardly recognize […]

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Music, food, art, pirates and politics…oh my!

Another weekend sitting my dead-ass on the couch eating bon-bons…NOT! So here is my entire weekend in a nutshell or at least a post. Music: Friday night, I went to Ruby’s Roadhouse for a couple of hours to watch the Blackened Blues Band play (their music is on my radio show). As always, the band […]

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Just in Case

I would like to share with you this amazing military-inspired song that sent chills down my spine. There is an intro with the explanation for the inspiration of this song that is very much worth a listen. You see, Joe Merrick, the singer and song writer is someone I went to school with and was […]

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I'm a Fish Head Now

I’m a Fish Head Now

WOW! The Radiators are on their 30th Anniversary tour, their new CD comes out this week and all with the same original members! Like being together that long isn’t an accomplishment enough, these guys also support the troops! Yeppers, Dave Malone, the point man and singer/guitarist for the New Orleans band, The Radiators, contacted Soldiers’ […]

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