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Port Marigny: Fatal Flaw

By guest author: Brett Perry (my husband) Let me begin by saying, that I am all for a reasonable and sensible development of the pre-stressed concrete site, so long as the development adheres to federal, State and local laws/regulations. However, the previously submitted plan for the proposed Port Marigny development met none of these criteria. […]

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Don't Settle for High Density!

Port Marigny: Refresher & Call to Action

To reference Christmas Vacation, remember when Clark’s boss stiffs him of his Christmas bonus and gives him the, “Jelly of the Month Club?”  Then Eddie chimes in with, “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.” Port Marigny is not far off, as it is the gift that keeps on giving! For the record…myself […]

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Port Marigny, Puppies & the 6th Sense

My puppy bubble has officially been burst, since this “catastrophy” of Port Marigny encroached on my life. If you’ve read any of my posts before, or even know me in real life, I have a puppy personality. In other words, I like mostly everyone I meet, unless that “6th sense” magically kicks in. You know that […]

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Port Marigny: Call to Action

The Port Marigny team has hired a PR firm to combat the very powerful grassroots opposition and are currently finding every “supporter/friend/paid Facebook like” who has been hiding under a rock until now to say how wonderful it will be. NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO SPEAK UP! Contact ALL the council members and let them […]

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Port Marigny: New Spin Coming

The grassroots “Stop High Density” all volunteer group of Mandeville Citizens, has done such a great job voicing the facts of why they oppose Port Marigny’s excessive density…the PM team had to go hire a PR firm for the final stretch… In 3…2…1…comes their new spin. The PM team will be bringing in all their […]

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11 Port Marigny Things to Know

Your voice needs to be heard! Once developed – it can’t be undone. 1. Port Marigny is NOT a done deal! It still must be approved by the City Council and they look like they will take their time to make sure this is done correctly. It is unlikely the current council will vote on […]

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Vote Early & Vote Often: Mandeville

The picture featured in this post, is the overhead view of a high density trailer park. I have used it before when trying to talk about the “potential” (key word here – it could be turned down by a council vote), development of Port Marigny. No matter what way you slice it – the owners […]

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Mandeville Elections: Port Marigny

One Election Issue: Quality of Life The only issue any resident of the City of Mandeville should care about when voting this election cycle, is Port Marigny. Why, you might ask? The answer is simple – this monstrous, high-density city within our city, will alter all our way of life – FOREVER! There is no […]

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Twas the Night Before Port Marigny Vote

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the city (Mandeville), The Port Marigny team was still trying to do a dog and pony show to the P&Z committee; The pretty depictions of utopia were shoved down the citizens throats, In hopes that they buy this concept, without checking the CLURO notes; The City Council were […]

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Port Marigny: My Opinion (all you need to know)

Well…if you’ve read my previous blog posts or talked to me in person, you probably get the idea that I’ve become completely disenchanted with the proposed Port Marigny project in Mandeville. Even worse…I have absolutely ZERO trust, with regards to anyone on the payroll of Port Marginy (gotta go with my gut here). They are […]

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Mandeville Faux Traffic Study

Port Marigny Presentation #FAIL

I wish I wore some shrimp boots to the Planning and Zoning meeting last night, because I felt like there was a lot of ***t being shoveled out to the audience. Yes, following my fact piece, regarding the Pre-Stressed Port Marigny development, I’m going to give you my candid thoughts and opinions. Honestly, the “they […]

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40 Facts: Mandeville Pre-stress Proposed Development

The intent of this blog post is not to share my opinion (that may come later), it is to list 40 current facts about Mandeville’s newest proposed development, called “Port Marigny.” As residents of West St. Tammany, we should all be informed of something of this magnitude. I’ve taken the liberty of sketching in a few […]

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Good Luck FIRST Team 2992

Today is unload and setup day for the Bayou Regionals at the Pontchartain Center in Kenner, LA. Mandeville High School’s FIRST Robotics Team 2992 will be competing with the robot they built on March 22nd & 23rd. This robot is simply amazing!!! My high school freshman, Scott, has always been a little engineer and builder […]

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Mandeville High First Robotics Team 2992

This robot “The Viper” built by Mandeville High School First Robotics Team 2992, catches frisbees through a feeder, climbs a tower and drops the frisbees off (maximum points). They will compete in the Bayou Regional FIRST competition in Kenner, March 21-23rd. Geaux team 2992! WOW! My 14 year old freshman son is on this team […]

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