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The Reluctant Teetotaler

It’s been about a year and a half  since I’ve I assumed the role of becoming the, “Reluctant Teetotlaer,” and also, “Uber Greta” (my nickname for myself) (for which I have mixed reviews from MANY an annoying backseat driver/passengers – hubby included). Last week an old friend asked me jokingly, when I joined the Taliban […]

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My New Classy Tattoo “Cover-Up”

In my world, it is not every day that you get a new tattoo. Actually, it took me about 23 years to to get my first tattoo and another 23 to get my new tattoo cover-up. I really wanted one at the tender age of 18, but talked myself into waiting until I finished college. […]

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Under Armour Spine Venom Challenge

I’m not a big fan of contests, actually despise them for the most part, but this Spine Venom Challenge from Under Armour, peaked my interest. I own tons of Under Armour clothes and I have joked in the past that I would be their perfect “poster child” as your average middle-aged woman who makes time […]

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2012 Allergies

This picture represents my 2012 Greta survival kit. I have suffered with allergies and asthma my entire life, but this year has been one long allergy season with little reprieve. Even my family members who usually are unscathed, are breaking into my Allegra stash! I heard the Hurricane Isaac theory lately, blaming it for the […]

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My Allergic LIfe

This bubble tree is starting to look like a good idea when I have a bad allergic reaction! It has been about 36 hours since my bottom lip blew up the size of both of Angelina Jolie’s lips – combined! Looks like I decided to skip the top lip for Restylane after thoroughly plumping the […]

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Going through all kinds of trials and tribulations that are just part of life, makes you who you are. Whether something I could not control or choices I made to set my balance off, there have truly been many challenges along the way. I’m so happy now, madly in love with my husband (been together […]

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Good Deeds: Leftover Gift Cards

When I saw the trailer for Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, which releases on February 24th, I could tell it was a nice “warm fuzzy” story. From time to time we all need a wake up reminder how wonderful life is and how important it is to give back. I was contacted by their PR company […]

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I Am Woman!

This song got in my head somehow today. Enjoy and hope it empowers someone! I am woman, hear me roar In numbers too big to ignore And I know too much to go back an’ pretend ‘Cause I’ve heard it all before And I’ve been down there on the floor No one’s ever gonna keep […]

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Ya – still here

The little angels are back in school for the second week – woot woot! I’m back into a workout routine like a madwoman. Yatmedia is surviving the crappy economy! Life is good. As for blogging….well…. next week I will be back on track as I will be blogging some cool stuff in New Orleans for […]

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Living With Severe Allergies

Hi I’m Greta (you chime in with hi Greta now). I am a 42 year old, very athletic, live life with gusto, have more energy than the Energizer Bunny, healthy woman. Well…I feel fabulous… better than when I was 18 and people even tell me I look healthy (never turn down a compliment). But, the […]

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Blogging excuses

1. I guess I have been posting a lot at my other blog Hooah Wife & Fiends lately. 2. Been posting my videos on You Tube too. 3. Loving Facebook . 4. Spending time on Da Twitter. 5. Working for my new company Yatmedia. 6. The end of school and all those fun kid activities! […]

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Life update

Last year around my 41st birthday, I hit the wall on a full-blown midlife crisis. Yep, “you are how old and have no career,” hit me like a lead brick! But, I persevered and came out better than ever. I tried joining the Army, went on job interviews, started training real hard and….I’ve never felt […]

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It all feels right

“There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity.” ~General Douglas MacArthur~ 2010 has been so fast and furious, that I have not even stopped to breathe. I stepped down from Soldiers’ Angels leadership (still Angeling though – Superbowl chili cookoff in Kosovo on the way), been offered a job and turned it […]

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