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I’ve Been Knowing Him: and More Annoying Sayings

Last week, I posted the following status on my Facebook regarding “annoying sayings:”┬áThe answers were flippin’ hysterical. so I had to share!!! I removed names to protect the innocent LOL! “Ive been knowing him….” the one phrase I draw blood as I bite my tongue so hard, refraining from correcting. What phrase is your trigger […]

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A Difficult Patient

I Have a Profile! Once again my Infiniti ended up in the shop and the laughs with my husband began. Why? Because we always joke that I have a profile there, like Elaine did in Seinfeld’s “The Package” episode. She finds out that her chart has “a difficult patient” written on it and will go […]

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SNL is back: Hunger Games Skit

Yep – I watched most of it last night. For years, I was hoping Saturday Night Live would return to be the funny show it was after being labeled as “not good anymore” by many. If you missed Sofia Vergara last night, she was fabulous. You can catch all 17 videos on Hulu here or […]

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SNL: Real Housewives of Disney

I’m a huge real housewives addict – my guilty pleasure. Saturday Night Live’s Real Housewives of Disney skit had me laughing hysterically. Lindsay Lohan was even good in this one. One of their best skits in a long time! Join Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel for hilarity!

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10 Tips for High School Reunions

Hubby and I met in Florida but grew up 40 minutes for each other in MA. We live outside of New Orleans now and neither of us have lived in MA since we left high school. Ten years ago, we got “lucky” by having his 20 year reunion on a Friday night and my 15 […]

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PTSD Radio show

UPDATE: Here is the podcast from today’s show RESOURCES: Suicide prevention 1-800-273-TALK New Orleans VA 800-935-8337 VA main site VA National Center for PTSD website VA journal (Volume 45, Number 3) on PTSD here Left to right: Mike Hue, me, Garry LaBorde and Dr. Uddo UPDATE: Scroll down for my video promo Update: My show […]

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