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Christmas in New Orleans

New Orleans never gets tiresome, even to the locals (I’m a perpetual tourist). When the seasons change, so do the opportunities to experience something new and exciting or to revisit a time-honored family tradition. With any excuse to parade, decorate, or get in costume, Christmas is no exception. The Running of the Santas,  Krewe of Jingle parade, […]

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Thanks to Shelle Michaels – my dear friend and fellow angel for posting this on Facebook. Keeping in great Spirit the 1st Battallion 4th Marines, Bravo Company 3rd Platoon has produced this hilarious Christmas video. Out of ECP1 in Fallujah, Iraq. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through the first half […]

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Stupid Christmas Item Contest

Here we go KMG readers…start scouring teh internets for the stupidest Christmas related item. Surely you can find something tacky, ridiculous or just plain stupid, that is worthy of winning this contest. The winner will be announced on my show this Saturday. Sorry – no prizes:( But…you can look forward to wasting time surfing the […]

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How to survive school Christmas parties

No sillies, no beer for school parties (but, boy, would it have been nice to have today). Remember, our kids are brainwashed to think alcohol is a drug after Red Ribbon Week (that is a whole other post). Today, all 3 rugmonsters had their school Christmas parties (they did the dreidels earlier in the week). […]

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More freaking holiday cheer

Update: pictures and a summary of my WGSO experience. I’ll be spending my morning with Jeff Blanco & Jeff Crouere(that sounds pretty bad in writing). Jeff Blanco “blog greeted” me with open arms when I moved here this past year. He asked my to contribute on his site, and I eventually caved in. We’ve spoken […]

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Friday Jambalaya

* If you haven’t got into the whole LOLcats & I can has cheezburger craze – time to branch out. My kids love it (me too-guilty). * My friend Beth linked to the Barney Cam for White House cuteness overload. *Go play Simon Sez Santa with your co-workers today. Make Santa, kill Rudolph, pick nose, […]

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Are we done yet?

If anyone ever captured my life on a greeting card, it is Ann Taintor. This is the first year, I recall, that there aren’t too many Christmas card early birds. You know the ones, they had all their cards addressed and signed in June and mailed them out November 30th. Wait, I used to be […]

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