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file000511918192 Kiss My Gumbo has been a steady joy in my life since 2007. That is a lot of years for a blog. And to think that Hooah Wife is even older (born in 2004)! These blogs are my babies and have grown up with me for quite some time. I’ve always called them my “free therapy” and I need to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. When life and work get too busy, blogging certainly takes a back seat. Of course, being active on social media has pushed my blogging back a little bit too. Social media to me is so personal but then again, I had to analyze my blogging style, which is not only informative but can be very personal as well.

I love people, connecting and learning as I continue to “grow up.” Not sure where I am going with this or if it will change, but this blog is certainly not going anywhere.

I am working on updating my blogrolls/links. If you see that you are not on there…LMK!

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6 Responses to “Pumping Life Back Into Kiss My Gumbo”

  • Greta, Your KMG blog was my intro into the world I would be moving to from Michigan. From it I got over the anexiety of leaving everything I had ever known in my hometown and begin to see the road of adventure that was before me. From the posts about finding the unique adventures in the French Quarter to what a newbie to Jazz Fest needs to know, I learned so much. You were my reference till I could add to knowledge on my own. Keep KMG going with all the new adventures of your life!

  • And the most awesome thing Barbara is that I have got to know you!!!!

  • Greta, I also contacted you via KMG before we moved from Buffalo in 2008. You were very helpful and set us up with a real estate person to help us find an apt. It was so reassuring to be able to make a contact before leaving everything I had known and loved for 17 years. Thank you for your help in making my transition.

  • Awww Sharon – thanks for those kind words! You are awesome!

  • Thanks for keeping us on your blogroll! I’m working on ours and rest assured you will be there. So happy you plan to blog more often!

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