Greta Goes Green

Well…not totally – but I’m trying to do my part. We can all agree to at least try…right?

I certainly WILL NOT tackle the topic of global warming on this blog – I leave that to the experts (scientists, Al Gore, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Crichton – LOL). I admit that I kind of miss the whole…”paper or plastic” drone high school kid bagger question. I also miss good paper bags (dang – there were so many cool things you could do with them)! The “Unknown Comic” couldn’t even get a bag anymore! Fifteen years ago I used canvas bags to grocery shop. Guess what…I pulled out the very same canvas bags the other day! D’oh – now if I could just remember to bring them to the store!

My 7 year old daughter had her eco-play at school recently. She was “styrofam” and we had to make a costume out of stryofoam (proud to say I had to borrow because I didn’t have any in the house – not that I don’t use it – just was out – but don’t tell her that). She looked cute with a cup and plate as a hat! The kids sang songs about turning off running water, turning off lights when you leave the room, recycling…yadayadayada. Same stuff – different year.

“GOING GREEN” is all the rage these days. IMHO (in my honest opinion), I think few people are completely green and many are eco-hypocrites. I confess – I threw a bottle away at the gas station the other day (cleaning out the car while pumping gas). Oh yes, threw one away at the park today too (at least I didn’t litter).

In St. Tammany we get paper and plastic recycled, but glass – haven’t figured out what to do with it. And if I have to drive 20 miles to recycle it – that doesn’t make sense either. I know that not every Parish recycles and that is pretty sad. Now to convince my family that going out to eat is “going green.” Because, trust me, I create a bunch of environmental waste when I do that that thing called “cooking.”

Sound off dear readers – tell me what steps you are taking to “go green.”

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One Response to Greta Goes Green

  1. Conservative Belle May 15, 2008 at 8:51 am #

    Seems we are doomed no matter what we do.

    If I wash dishes, then I’m using energy for hot water and using more water. And OMG what if I don’t use organic or environmentally safe dishwashing liquid? And if I use plastic/paper plates to serve meals on (and save myself the hassle of dishes), I’m killing trees or polluting the environment/landfills.

    So I plant flowers. 🙂