Greta’s Jambalaya

* 6 1/2 days of school left – YIKES!!!

* Captain Papillion will be a guest on my radio show this week. Please let the kids listen (now to tell my kids they can’t go to the studio)!!! Saturday on AM 690 WIST from 3:00-4:00. The second half of the show, I will have Stephanie Hirsch, the owner of Prima Donna’s Closet (she is a character). She will be hosting a dog fashion show this Saturday night called “Canines on the Catwalk” to benefit the Humane Society. $50 for tickets (worthy cause) and kids get in free!

* Got the kids registered in CAST camp for the Wizard of Oz play. The boys will also be heading to Camp Stanislaus for a week in July (overnight -I’m a mess).

* Our first vacation day trip planned for NOMA to see the Blue Dog exhibit!

* E-how has some of the funniest stuff on the planet. How to spot a politician. How to peel a banana without the strings. How to change a lightbulb. You could spend all day looking for the dumb stuff on there that is mixed with tons of cool stuff!

*tiara tip to my friend Beth for getting me hooked on E-how!

***this post can be read at and my personal blog. Also tune in to Kiss My Gumbo Radio every Saturday from 3:00-4:00 on AM 690 WIST. Feel free to contact me
***Soldiers’ Angels need you!!! Support our men and women in uniform today! Ask me how!

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