* Maybe some of the ideas I blurt out on the blog aren’t so bad. The other day I said we needed a “LA LOL Animal” site and lookie here…reader CB made the first 2 evah!!! Start sending them in so I can catalog them and if someone wants to start a site for them, I’d be happy to help! gretaperry@gmail.com

* The house was still standing upon my return last night. Looks like that no good ho of a maid and Ramon, my hot Latin pool boy – were nowhere to be found!
* Chulo the Stupor Dog will be heading to the vet today “cha-ching” as his allergies are soooo bad he can’t stop licking. My comforter is soaked – ewwwwwww!
* The Short Bus Cat will also be heading to the vet today “more cha-ching” as it looks like the no good male cat of ours, who may soon find himself in an abandoned field somewhere, took a chomp at her neck! I keep offering him rides in the car and he refuses. Maybe I need to make him an offer he can’t refuse bwahahaha!
* I need to raid a meth lab today for some Sudafed. Looks like my allergies and traveling on the wonderful and most healthy recycled air, has mad my head close to exploding! Did I mention what a PITA in was in OK to buy Sudafed – you had to fill out tons of paperwork to buy the stuff?!
* My house was painted when I was away. I love the yellow – it makes me happy! However, it does not look so good with the current off-white, cat vomit stained, muddy paw print, kid tracks & multi-stained carpet! Can’t wait to get the bamboo floors in over the next couple of weeks!
* Have a fantabulous Saturday and remember, you are in complete control over your own happiness or misery! The Princess of Positive has spoken!

***This post can be read at NOLA.com & my personal blog with lagniappe. A daily helping of KMG is encouraged by many locals!

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