Go ahead – I dare you – figure out how many books you have read and recall the names of them. Either way, it is fun!
Now to have my 11 year old start his own. I’m still adding as I recall! Bad Indian Chris for starting me on this!

4 Responses to “Playing with Shelfari”

  • You’re killing me. I just signed up… and now I can’t stop… so far, off the top of my head, I’ve come up with 86 books, and I’m still going…


  • I just got started too! If I don’t stop now I’ll waste my entire day of work adding books! I need to add you as a friend!

  • Bias – couldn’t read that one. Would piss me off too much. I already know they do and don’t need to be told how.

  • I already know the answer to this: Too Many to Count

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