Friday Jambalaya

*** oops, looks like a technical error spoils the outcome of the 2008 Presidential election

*** I think the kidnapping scammers were trying to get free books from Barnes & Nobles! Hellloooo…library is open!

*** Dang pre-teen boys driving me nuts this week gibtoon.gif

*** 17 more days until I turn 40

*** my big Soldiers’ Angels fundraiser is a week from today-no stress!

*** It is getting hard to find a good homeless home in New Orleans.

*** Hammering a kid in the head? I think that woman needs a hammer to her head.

*** Covington Jr. League thingamajig “Spring Market” this weekend and party tonight (I’m going to the party tonight) at the Castine Center

*** Tomorrow we head to the zoo to visit the animals the kids were given for Christmas “adopted” – finally!

*** read this and all my other exciting posts at and Kiss My

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