Friday Jambalaya

* If you haven’t got into the whole LOLcats & I can has cheezburger craze – time to branch out. My kids love it (me too-guilty).
* My friend Beth linked to the Barney Cam for White House cuteness overload.
*Go play Simon Sez Santa with your co-workers today. Make Santa, kill Rudolph, pick nose, light the tree on fire and so much more (you are in charge & he already knows you are deranged).
* I will be able to use my bathroom after today – yippee!
* Where’s Nagin??2.jpg Why isn’t he in the mix with all the public housing and being homeless in the middle of the city is a right crowd??? Is he still getting a paycheck? Call me a cold tax payer – but housing, medical care yadayadayada are a privilege not a right. I think we should garnish Nagin’s wages and let all the protesters who stormed HUD have a big sleepover at his house! BTW – you think all the homeless on Duncan Plaza are really homeless or are some of them there to make a statement? Brain candy for the day.
* Why am I having to exert brain cells to figure out if everything I buy my kids for Christmas is PG safe??? Yesterday I stocked up on comic books for stocking stuffers at the “School of Comics” store in Mandeville (by that evil Tuesday Morning that sucks me in and takes all my money). Mommy bragging, my boys are superb readers and rated at high levels for reading (daughter still catching on – but she loves it). Who cares if they read Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, X-Men and Transformers at home? They are reading and it doesn’t have to be a famous novel – as long as it is age appropriate? Off my reading soapbox to say, why the heck do comic book companies have to have scantily clad bimbos in them? Then again – why is there sex in video games? I think moms with common sense should be in charge of all marketing!!! My 2 cents fwiw (for what it is worth-that is me in the picture below).capecard400.jpg
* Greta’s guide to holiday shopping rocks! I also have ads for CC’s, Amazon, fleur de lis stuff, and a new item I am endorsing – PC Pandora ( keeping your kids safe on line). You no clicky through my ads that I endorse and have tried out for you – me no makey $ to pay off the evil Visa. Capiche?
* Yay – getting some Christmas organizing jobs (thanks Craig from Craigslist). You need some good entertainment – surf Craigslist – someone is selling their soul for a Wii. I tried that angle and nobody would take it – but they did take my Visa!
* If you like my blog – go ahead and make one of those “tell 10 friends to read Kiss My Gumbo today or your head will explode and other bad things will happen to you ” e-mails.
* Closing with something serious here – Support the troops with more than lip service!!! Tomorrow you can partake in a National movement to honor fallen heroes (no political statements or protesting please) by laying wreaths in National Cemeteries. Soldiers’ Angels, Blue Star Mothers, Any Soldier, America Supports You are all amazing organizations. You are here doing what you want in this great Country because of men and women in uniform and their families who support them. The big picture folks – do your part!
* The Princess of Positive (me) has spoken!

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